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During the winter the highway becomes a different place. The road conditions aren’t the only things that change during the winter, the cars all look different. Here are 4 kinds of winter cars you will see on the road this year.

1. Christmas Car

The car with all the Christmas decorations. Maybe it’s a wreath on the front grill, or antlers and a red reindeer nose. This car spreads Christmas cheer all the way to the grocery store, shopping mall and the office.

Source: Merry DIY Festive Vehicle Wreath - Crab and Fish blog.

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2. Fully-Loaded

This car has all the extra winter accessories they need to cart around their ski, snowboard and other outdoor winter sport gear.You know the owner of this car is on their way to or from some kind of outdoor sport.

  • Roof Rack

  • Ski/Snowboard Carrier

  • Thule Universal Flat Top

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3. Iced Over

Everyone expects you to have ice, muddy snow and salt from the road on your vehicle. Some take it to the next level. You might find yourself concerned with their ability to see the road.

Source: Which? Driving With Snow on Your Car

4. That one surprisingly clean vehicle

Someone who goes the extra mile to make sure their car isn’t dirty from all the salt and muddy snow. They are rare, but they stand out when you see them.

- Source: YouTube - 2012 Mazdaspeed3 With Snow Tires—WINDING ROAD Quick Drive

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What kind of winter car are you driving?

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